To stay behind, and be saved.

I think I still like you.
I didn't say love, because I don't know.
So I prayed so hard.
Prayed that I can love you.

If God allow it to happen, it will happen, someday in the future.
But like I said to myself, I will choose the one who I love more.
It sounds pathetic for a woman, but it's the sweetest dream for a dreaming girl.

I could be quiet, stay back, even I can't see you any more.
I still like you.
I know you are there, you are smiling with friends, you are alone by yourself.
You pray for all the things you want, for all the people you care.
You are so nice that I think I need to be more soft if I want to match you.
So I am trying.
I hope It will help me.

God bless me, bless my heart.
Bless you.



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